Our Story

About Island Vibes Inc

Island Vibes Inc was created by Captain Aron Stano as a way to literally send Island Vibes to his friends and family. While working as a yacht captain he would create custom shirt designs and take stunning photographs during his travels. Then he would send these to his friends and family in the form of a custom designed t-shirt or as a beautiful art print of a photograph taken during his travels around the world.

Sharing Island Vibes t-shirts and art prints quickly grew as word spread and more and more people wanted his designs and art work. From meager beginnings Island Vibes Inc has developed into a growing company with more and more employees.

Island Vibes now encompasses an incredible amount of products with art prints in the form of canvas photo prints, framed canvas photo prints, framed photograph prints, and unframed photograph prints. Along with an array of clothing options. What started just as t-shirts and photographs has grown to include all kinds of clothing like dri-fit performance t-shirts, hats, long sleeve shirts, skirts, hoodies, leggings, tank tops, v-neck tshirts, swimsuits, dresses, and more.

Looking out over the horizon Island Vibes Inc is expanding with even more products. In the store now or coming soon are home goods like pillows, blankets, comforters, shower curtains, bathmats, stickers, magnets, and many more.

Giving back to the ocean:
Island Vibes Inc has grown out of the ocean, so we enjoy being able to give back to the incredible ocean we love. A portion of all proceeds are donated to several causes we feel strongly about.

4 Ocean:
One company we are happy to support is 4 Ocean this company was founded to help relieve the plastic burden on our oceans. They have a fleet of boats that recover trash from the ocean and coastlines all over the world and have recovered over 10,000,000 lbs of trash to date. And that number keeps growing every day!

CCA Florida:
Another company we support is CCA Florida, Coastal Conservation Association Florida which is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Florida's marine resources.

The ocean gives us so much so the least we can do is give back and help out where we can!